Friday, July 29, 2011

Art About with Diana Jahns and the Souterrain, August 12th

On Friday, August 12th, riki will celebrate the collaboration of two artists, painter and photographer Diana Jahns and vocalist Lauren Norton. Norton, a graduate of the UC Davis Master's in creative writing commissioned Jahns to create an album cover for her first studio album with the Souterrain after seeing her portfolio online at

Jahns, a long time resident of Davis now living in Sacramento, uses cutting edge technology and a painter's sensibility to create her finished pieces. She digitally combines and layers images in her "photo montage" series; the result is a highly textured and moving juxtaposition of different elements--a figure dancing in a wash of vibrant hues, a sea that distills a reflection of a window streaked with rain. We will also feature her collage series in-store at riki. Each collage is hand painted and assembled, and yet they retain the strikingly contemporary feel of Jahn's digital artwork. Collage no 9, pictured, is the cover of the Souterrain's debut album. The band will have special pre-release copies of the album at the artist reception, and will perform between 6.30 and 8.

Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to hear Diana Jahn's talk about her work! As always, we will have champagne, strawberries, and European-inspired fashions! New bags from Ellington, Peruvian knitwear and scarves in luscious prints are among the most recent new arrivals at the store. We look forward to seeing you and getting your wardrobes ready for fall.


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