Monday, October 4, 2010

Second Friday Art About - October 8th

"Going West", the title of Dutch artist Marieke de Waard's exhibition at riki, pays homage to the traditional means of traveling westward. Look closely at one of her canvases and you'll see an old "Property Boundary" sign incorporated seamlessly into the collage, in another, the flash of a freight car from the North Louisiana & Gulf railway. "Fe - is that the chemical symbol for iron?" I asked her while she was hanging the series. "Santa Fe," she corrected, but she likes that both meanings are present for her audience.

These paintings are not only concerned with movement and industry. They are feats of composition. De Waard uses watercolors as well as mixed media, brushing the paint on the canvas with as little water as possible so that it conforms to her unique, linear style. She controls how pinks and oranges bleed together next to a straight black line; balances textured brush strokes with smooth color washes.

Her work has been shown across the U.S. and has won prizes both nationally and internationally. We are delighted to show her work at riki and hope you will join us for a reception on Friday, October 8th at 6.30pm.

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The store looks great! Nice artwork too.

October 6, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

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