Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Early Spring

Spring is arriving here at riki with splashes of yellow, geranium, lilac and vibrant blues. I like to combine them with this spring's many shades of grey, from silver to slate. Add a touch of crisp white and you have a color palette that reads spring 2010.

This will be the year of the printed T. Yes, it's the 80s all over again. We see floral prints, all over prints, large scale face prints, embellishments on printed Ts...and lots of bling. Not to worry, we'll stay true to riki and will edit the collections well for you.

A utility jacket by Super Dry, a new company we started to carry at the store. It's urban, hip, designed in London and a very hot label.

There will be a Final Sale on all Winter Merchandise 60-75% off. Help us make some room for all of our new spring arrivals...

Last, not least, I just heard today that several of our spring shoes are stuck in customs. Let's hope they will be released soon.

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Blogger Maryanne said...

When will the final sale start?

February 10, 2010 at 3:16 PM  

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