Friday, April 18, 2008

Kris Davidson | Two Americas

Photographer Kris Davidson's current project is titled Two Americas— working with writer / Latin American scholar Brian Owensby, Two Americas is a documentary project that looks at the cultural overlap of North America and Latin America. Rather than focusing superficially on the high-profile aspects of the current controversies surrounding illegal immigration and the pending new and improved border fence, Two Americas will look at deeply-rooted historical events and tracing them to their modern-day manifestations. At the heart of this documentary is the emotional question of what it means to be an American in Our America, as Latin Americans seek work and hope in the U.S., but also as U.S. retirees move to Latin America seeking peace and affordability in their twilight years. Kris Davidson's opening at Riki on April 25th will include a selection from Two Americas.

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