Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Riki Fashion Editor

Hi, my name is Jenn and I've been at Riki in Davis since November 2004, using my knowledge and experience as a fashion design major at UC Davis to help customers find the perfect ensemble. In order to help our fashion-conscious yet busy working women out there, I will be bringing you news on the latest must-haves in our stores.

At the start of this fall season you may notice some fabulous new lines with the same clean elegance that riki is known for. Lines like Gerard Darel from France, whose crisp charcoal gray gored skirt complements the softness of luxurious sweaters by Sita Murt out of Barcelona or the drape of a jersey mock turtleneck from the
San Francisco based ISDA & Co.

Simply add a burgundy ruched leather belt, a suede and leather bag from Mitzi Baker, and a copper chain charm necklace by Brooklyn designer Jenny Sheriff and you have European chic that can still only be found at Riki.



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