Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Dressing

Summer is here! Garden parties, outdoor weddings, movies in the park and yes, business meetings. Updating our summer wardrobe should be fun and easy. Think layering, color, natural fibers and accessories. Bold colors, feminine fabrics and light-weight linens create a sense of fresh sophistication with summery effortless style. Vibrant reds, grassy greens and graphic black and whites are "must haves" in this summers' wardrobe. Hats are back, make them part of your wardrobe as a playfull accessory. After all, summers in the Bay area can be sunny and hot.

At Riki, beauty meets function in our ultimate semi-casual summer outfits.

"Peplum Jacket" $250.00, Riki
"Twisted Silk scarf" $83.00, Sitara
"Green Cami" $140.00, Notice
"Res" Necklace 140.00, Red Start Design
"Natural Day Tote"$440.00, Jitsu
"Glimmer Shoes" $50.00, Coconuts

From Day to Evening:

A splash of color against crisp white linen, sparkly flats, skinny jeans and this season's signature big tote create your ultimate urban summer outfit! Transforming this look from day to evening is as easy as trading in your tote for a little black clutch.

"Cream Tie Back" $115.00, Margaret Oleary
"Jacquard Coat Chartreuse" $490.00, Riki
"Gaucho Stripe" $165.00, Riki
"CSM Buckle" $105.00, Riki

Business with style:

Tired of blues and grays in your business wardrobe? Try our jacquard coat! It's bold, yet very sophisticated and versatile. Pair it with jeans and heels, all black for drama or light and summery with neutral tones. Whichever way you choose, it will look absolutely fabulous!

"Cinema Hat" $34.00, ParkHurst
"Ruched Belt" $98.00, Riki
"Dot Skirt" $195.00, Riki
"Coconut Dress" $215.00, Margaret Oleary
"Truffle Cami" $60.00, Acrobat
"Flapper Flats" $79.00, Jeffrey Campbell
Mediterranean Market Stroll:
This modern yet nostalgic look portrays summer's sophisticated elegance. Transform this look by exchanging flats for chunky heels and voila, it will carry you from your garden party to a city evening stroll.

"SOH" Necklace $390
"Metallic Jacket" $425.00, Liakes
"Black Tank" $74.00, Subtle Luxury
"Stripe Pleated Skirt" $250.00, Riki
"Natural Day Tote" $440.00, Jitsu
Chic Dinner Party:
A silk seersucker pleated skirt paired with a simple black tank will look very chic but effortless while the metallic coated linen jacket with its exquisite detailing and raw seaming add a touch of urban edge to this outfit.
Looks are available now at the Riki stores.

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